Area Rugs

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Say hello to your new area rug!

With an area rug, you get the best of both worlds. You get softness and comfort (along with a pop of color) that looks good in any room, and you also get to continue enjoying your beautiful hard-surface flooring.

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An area rug can be what you want it to be

Your area rug can be a focal point, a finishing touch, a work of art, or a neutral element. It can be used to hide floor imperfections, add warmth to cold tile, keep furniture from denting your hardwood, and so much more.

Easy to Move

Traveling? Simply roll up your area rug and take it with you. Feel like a change? Roll it up and store it somewhere safe until you feel like taking it out again.


Rugs come in many different materials as well as sizes and designs. Choose a bright, funky pattern to enliven a space or a simple beige rug to add a neutral element.


Depending on the material and size you choose, area rugs can be quite budget-friendly. Or, you might opt for something a little more extravagant!

Easy to Maintain

Vacuum your area rug frequently and use doormats to keep dirt from being tracked onto your rug. We recommend the occasional deep clean, too.

No Installation

Just place your area rug on the floor, unroll it, and that's all there is to it! No need for adhesives or anything else! It's the most no-fuss flooring solution out there.

Not Permanent

If you change your mind, your room, or your tastes, simply relocate your area rug or store it. No difficult removal or complicated replacing required!

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Get inspired!

Need some inspiration before shopping for area rugs? Take a look at our area rug inspiration gallery! See the latest trends and more.