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With so many styles and colors of carpet to choose from, no two bedrooms or living rooms will be the same! Our wall-to-wall carpet has a variety of benefits that simply can't be matched by hard-surface flooring solutions. Read on to learn more!

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Explore carpet types

This is the most popular type of carpet, featuring sheared fiber strands with exposed ends. It is available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, so you'll have a range of options to choose from. The twist of these fiber strands is key—the tighter the twist, the more texture and durability your carpet has. 

This type features fiber that is not sheared; rather, it features tight twisted loops that resist matting and crushing while creating unique patterns and texture. When choosing loop pile, be aware of pulled loops, which can snag and damage your carpet. 

This type seamlessly blends both sheared and looped strands for an intricate and unique look that features plenty of texture. This style is often used to create patterned looks. 

Carpet Styles

While carpet is categorized by construction, it can also be broken down by style and appearance. Hover over these four samples for more information. 

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    Patterned carpet often results from cut and loop pile construction. As the name implies, it can vary in appearance, often displaying dramatic and bold designs. As a bonus, it handles traffic well. 

  • Texture Carpet | Home Lumber & Supply


    Textured carpet is plush with long strands. It's super soft and casual-looking, so it works well in any room. It's one of our most popular styles!

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    Loop pile results in a clean, low-profile look that handles foot traffic well. This style is common in homes, hotels, and offices alike. 

  • Twist Carpet | Home Lumber & Supply

    Frieze (Twist)

    Frieze, also known as twist, has a crimped look at a relaxed feel. Its long, twisted strands create dimension while adding visual interest and a slight "bounce" underfoot. 

Soft, delightful comfort carpet flooring | Home Lumber & Supply

Get inspired!

Need some inspiration before shopping for carpet? Take a look at our carpet inspiration gallery! See the latest trends and more.